We are a group of professionals with extensive experience gained over many years in Italy and abroad. In 2021, after an undeniably challenging year for many sectors, we have chosen to strike out now and create a brand-new firm, founded on an enduring passion for our work and a desire to focus solely on what we do best.

In September 2023 we add the restructuring practice, a strategic move into a practice totally synergic with the existing practices and focused on the extraordinary transactions that we have identified since the beginning as the space we want to operate into.

We fight the ordinary.

Being fully dedicated to specific core practices is a precise choice that we are not planning to reverse. On all non-core and cross-border matters we rely on panels of Italian and international law firms who excel in their respective fields and whose standards we independently check for consistency with ours. Rigor, precision, the ability to go straight to the point, but also a war on old habits, a refusal of "it has always been done this way". This is the vision of Target.

We believe that a targeted approach is the best way not only for us, but for our clients, to achieve our goals.